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come on baby light my cheese [entries|friends|calendar]
corey ward

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[04|22|06 @ 08 PM]
i am so very happy. my loves are back in my life and we are gonna kick it sometime soon, i just know it. man, i'm such a fool for love. i giggled tonight!

red blue\
red yellow blue blue red yellow black yellow red black blue yellow yellow red blue yellow black yellow red yellow red blue
black red red blue bluie

i shaved the sploosh and feel like a new man.

ps, i'm at work and i can feel the shit brewing between bartender jerk and woodstock. my bet is on woodsy.
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[04|15|06 @ 10 PM]
the cawkward love train is back in session. tonight i did the best thing. i got my loves back in my grasp. i set it up so they had to wait for like an hour to get their food. i thought they would have to ask for my help, but they never did. instead, i impressed them by bullying the other waiters and telling papa opa on them. then i got to ask how their food was. i wrote a poem about it.

like a giant squid that only comes out at night
i was elusive.
the kitchen is the sea
and the restaurant is the depths
and i changed colors
through the way i ask you
"is everything ok tonight?"

so what is the moment
where i try to see if you will look away from me
before i look away?
a wave?

just the changing of the tide.
and i almost became another lost part
in the doll graveyard.
but i'm back
and you know it.
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take me back, back in time [03|18|06 @ 04 PM]
[ mood | distressed ]

i'm starting to regret being such a dick to my loves over the past few months. i think i might be starting to love them again, out of nowhere. what's my problem even? why would i ever think i was better than them or could stop loving? i'm not, i can't. i hope they'll have me again. i've got to make it all up to them tonight. oh i hope it's not too too late for us to be happy together again.

remember when i lit you up
and made your insides warm and cheesy?
it would be so easy
to return again.
can't we be friends
or at least people who send
each other out of their minds
all night long?
i don't want to fight,
baby opa was wrong,
and i to believe him-
such a fool.
you guys rule.

sjd! opaopaopawheeeeeeezgnsoegggggg(90)....*^%$

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[02|18|06 @ 02 PM]
[ mood | horny ]

i bet you all wonder where i've been lately? well, i've been undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts. i'm not really awkward anymore, i should change my username, it really doesn't apply. i can always light cheese, get girls, speak, be cool now. i'm so cocky i even annoy myself sometimes. i'm out of love and awful. my ex-loves still come in but i act like i hate them and always stay in the kitchen. i wiped my ass and cleaned up beer puke with their cloth napkins that i've been amassing over the past year or so. forget them man! they doubt me, i finally see that. blahblahblah told me that they have secret names for everyone at the restaurant. woodstalk hears them talking about someone called 'pale fire' and i bet that's me. bitches!

also, please note, i no longer write poetry. it's for lame-ass losers, like my former self. if i ever run into my former dorky self again, i'm gonna kick some ass. and maybe butt rape too.

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cheese tease [01|23|06 @ 11 AM]
[ mood | hung over/cried out ]

i am no longer the opa spaz that everyone thought i was. i lit madd cheese this past weekend. and? well most importantly i was able to light the cheese of my loves! i totally showed them what i am capable of. it's only a matter of time before we are all together and happy. dick keeps trying to say that the girl is now in love with him, but she's not. who could love dick? and what an awful name, but fitting for sure.

so last night i got off work, went home and showered, then went out with little opa (aka george jr.). he picked me up in his greek hoop-d and took me down town. i was supposed to get drunk and hook up with a chick but i just got really sad and tired. girls kept coming up to me and telling me how pale i looked and asking if i was alright. little opa georgie jr told me that i'm the perfect sexual wing man because i draw chicks around to feel sorry for me. and then he can pick them off one by one. i'm not sure what i'm getting out of all this though.

how did i go from super cocky and cool on saturday night to weeping on a bar stool sunday night? i don't know, but my hair DID look really good on saturday night.

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