corey ward (cawkward) wrote,
corey ward

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take me back, back in time

i'm starting to regret being such a dick to my loves over the past few months. i think i might be starting to love them again, out of nowhere. what's my problem even? why would i ever think i was better than them or could stop loving? i'm not, i can't. i hope they'll have me again. i've got to make it all up to them tonight. oh i hope it's not too too late for us to be happy together again.

remember when i lit you up
and made your insides warm and cheesy?
it would be so easy
to return again.
can't we be friends
or at least people who send
each other out of their minds
all night long?
i don't want to fight,
baby opa was wrong,
and i to believe him-
such a fool.
you guys rule.

sjd! opaopaopawheeeeeeezgnsoegggggg(90)....*^%$
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