corey ward (cawkward) wrote,
corey ward

the cawkward love train is back in session. tonight i did the best thing. i got my loves back in my grasp. i set it up so they had to wait for like an hour to get their food. i thought they would have to ask for my help, but they never did. instead, i impressed them by bullying the other waiters and telling papa opa on them. then i got to ask how their food was. i wrote a poem about it.

like a giant squid that only comes out at night
i was elusive.
the kitchen is the sea
and the restaurant is the depths
and i changed colors
through the way i ask you
"is everything ok tonight?"

so what is the moment
where i try to see if you will look away from me
before i look away?
a wave?

just the changing of the tide.
and i almost became another lost part
in the doll graveyard.
but i'm back
and you know it.
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